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Къудс Къалэ

Тхыгъэр къыздрахар Уикипедиэ

Ерусэлэм къалэ

Къэрал Исраил

Ерусэлэм (ивр. יְרוּשָׁלַיִם‎)[1][2][3] - Израилим хэт къалэ.

Гулъытэгъуэ[зэгъэзэхуэжын | кодыр зэгъэзэхуэжын]

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  2. A-Z Guide to the Qur'an: A Must-have Reference to Understanding the Contents of the Islamic Holy Book; By: Mokhtar Stork; "JERUSALEM Referred to in Arabic as Baitul Muqaddas (The Holy House) or Baitul Maqdis (The House of the Sanctuary)"
  3. Pan-Islamism in India & Bengal; By: Mohammad Shah; p. 63,191; ".. protector of Mecca, Medina and Baitul Muqaddas, the sacred places of pilgrimage of the Muslim world"